New Stuff

I’ve been making stuff again. Just in time for a rash of upcoming events, which I’ll tell you about in another post. Right now…can’t…write…much…more. Aren’t you glad, secretly, just a bit, that you don’t have to read my usual twenty paragraphs of convoluted text? Yes you are. It’s Friday, the end of a long week. I’m tired, you’re tired, so let’s just cut to it…

Mr. Owl says No!

Snow globes and ceramic plates: that’s what I’ve been working on. And what do these items have in common? Octopus-es and other creatures found in nature. The snow globes are for fun, but the plates are actually functional, should you be inclined to serve food on top of an owl’s face (and who wouldn’t be?).

For more of Mr. Owl and his friends, head over to The Roving Home store.

[New] Old Finds


Today’s post features some of my recent acquisitions, which include a vintage American flag along with some old photographs, a seascape and more. Todd Farm Flea Market has reopened for the season, so I’m back on my game. Last weekend we stopped in as we usually do during the season, and let me tell ya, the place was crawling with hipsters. I’ve never seen so many skinny jeans, workboots, ironic facial hair, knit caps and tote bags featuring screenprinted owls gathered together (but then I don’t get around much).

Even though I have hipster sympathies, since I pretty much have the same taste, from typewriters to pickling (only my credentials for such things reach as far back as the last century), I confess to not being too excited about sharing my flea market with so many new buyers. But really, what am I complaining about? The uptick in interest in old stuff is good for all of us. If more vinyl records, film cameras, and molded plastic chairs populate one-bedroom apartments instead of landfills, we all win.

But I draw the line at auctions. If these young whippersnappers start showing up there, then all bets are off.