The Dollhouse Project: An Update

What a disaster.

Like its real-world counterpart, this remodel is killing me. I’m still stuck on pulling off the wallpaper. It’s amazing, really. Removing the wallpaper in this dollhouse compared to removing wallpaper in a human-size dwelling is roughly parallel to the mild exertion of a 5-minute walk to the beach down a grassy path compared to the misery of running the Boston Marathon on a cold, drizzly April day. And yet, I still can’t get it done. It evokes the exact same feelings of rage that yanking off the paper in my full-scale bedroom did oh, about 3 1/2 years ago. Which feels like yesterday.

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Books: I Married Adventure

My introduction to the ubiquitous nature of the vintage book I Married Adventure was through the blog Decorno — going all the way back to Aught ‘7 — in a post called “Things That Are Wrong. Now, Always and Forever”. Coming in at #13 on the list of Things That Are Wrong? I Married Adventure. The comments in response to the post found most readers agreeing; they were all so totally over this book being everywhere.

Not being highly attuned to the whims of decorating at the time, at least as documented by blogs, I had somehow missed the news that I Married Adventure, first published in 1940, was all over the world of interiors in the new millenium. Apparently decorators loved snatching up the book with its snazzy zebra-patterned cover and placing it in what are called “tablescapes”. (By the way, I also never realized regular people used this word — I thought only HGTV hosts did — until I was reading various blogs about this particular book and encountered the word “tablescape” over and over again. Oh, the things I wish I didn’t know.) Continue reading

Identity Crisis


Trends Gone Wild

No matter the decorating mood in which you might find yourself – French-ish, Global Traveler, American Country, Cape Cod Cottagey, Urban Glam – there will always be something for you at Ballard Designs (via the hardworking folks over in Chin-dia). And in these uncertain times, I suppose that’s good to know. But git yer cheap imports now, people, before the Chinese stop artificially suppressing their currency. And won’t the party be over then. (Oh, please, won’t it be over!)